I have entered your Website, but I cannot see the information on purchases

 Only our subscribers can get access to full information on purchases.


 Do you have a demo period for new customers?

 Yes. Our new customers have access to all information for 7 days.


 I have registered, but I was not offered the demo period. Why?

 The demo period is offered only after the data base is checked; this can take several hours. We provide information on the demo period either by email, or in person. The users whose data match with the existing registration data will not get the demo period.  


 Does the catalog have a demo period?

 This service does not have a demo period.

 Do I have to pay for the demo period?

 No. After the end of the demo period you will decide whether to use our services or not.


 Will my data be deleted if I decide not to become your customer?

 No. Your data will not be deleted. We can close your user profile upon your written request.


 How I can become your subscriber?

 To become our subscriber you have to register and/or have to enter your profile. You will have to request an invoice or online payment at the “Subscription and Bills” Section. All invoices are automatically generated using your profile information and are available at our website 24/7/365. 


 How I can get prices?

 The price information is available at the “Prices” Section.  


 May I transfer my registration data to a colleague?

 No. Your profile has a separate section, and you can allow your colleagues access to it. They will see the same information as you.


 How can I change my email?

 You have to email a request containing information regarding the necessity to change your email from your old email to info@tenderhouse.com.


 Do I have to send you an offer? 

 No. We handle only information on Procurements and tenders. You will have to contact or email the contact persons mentioned in the publications.


 I am interested in foreign procurements; is everything translated?

 We provide only an approximate translation of the subject of the procurement. We integrated an automatic translator that will translate your information with 60% precision. If you need help preparing the documents, this can be done by our partners in each country, and we also advise you to make translations with our partners who specialize in document translation.


 Do all purchases provide regulations and additional documents?

 All available data is to be attached at the moment of submission. If you haven’t found additional documents at our website, please send a request to the purchase contact person. 


 Do you have the opportunity to obtain necessary purchase information without subscribing?

 There is such a possibility.


 If I would like to become a subscriber, do we have to enter into an agreement?

 After successful registration you will have to accept our online conditions, which are considered the basis of our mutual collaboration..


 Can I buy only catalog services?

 Yes. Mark this option only during the process of subscription, and start purchasing.


If you did not find an answer to any of your questions, please email us your question to info@tenderhouse.com and you can be sure we will respond to you.

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