Monitoring of purchases – this Service allows you to manage purchase information easily and be aware of purchases corresponding to your field. We will find information, handle it and notify you using the report form. Moreover, we make working with information at the website convenient. One of our tasks is to select information regarding the volume of purchase.

Are you leaving for a business trip or vacation? Using this service you won’t miss any purchases. A convenient system of purchase reporting is available 24/7/365.

We offer a possibility to familiarize yourself with foreign purchases. Documents and descriptions are available in source languages. We integrated Google translator for your convenience, which will help to understand the purchase, applying the language you understand. If you have decided to take part in foreign purchases, you may want to use the translation or paper handling services offered by our partners. 

Winners monitoring – sales are effective when your customers receive orders. We provide information related to this matter. This service gives you the possibility to obtain information on companies that received orders of State procurements and Municipal companies.

We will provide you information about the winner as soon as possible. Our system allows monitoring both winners by field and winners of certain competitions. You will not have to search the information about prospective buyers, for we will provide it immediately after publication.

Information about the winner will be available to the countries where this is possible.





Export catalog – this section is provided for those sellers who search for new customers not only on the international market, but also at home. You will have the possibility to place textual and graphical information related to your services and products in at least 9 languages, which will allow you to extend your export possibilities.

The success of this catalog is based on profound research of buyers’ behavior on the Internet and the technical abilities of search engines. That is why we may claim that this catalog differs from the majority of Internet catalogs, because of its higher efficiency, since it allows one to overcome the language barrier and to understand information easily. 

You are free to choose the countries for advertisement, all or certain countries, by filling in the Country cards.

Everything is convenient and easy to understand. You don’t have to contact a consultant to change information, key words, graphic applications – you can do it yourself online.

Every day search engines such as Google, MNS, Yahoo!, Bing, Yandex, etc., show more than a thousand new key words that allow users to find us. Our offer is to direct them to you.  


Organization of private purchase bid – Where to buy? Where is it cheaper? Where to find it? These are the standard buyer’s questions asked while a buyer is searching for a seller.

Today, it’s much easier to find the best offer. Send us the information you are looking for, and we will ensure that you receive offers. Your task will be only to make a decision where to buy. This service is absolutely free.

If you choose to search for the information and request offers independently, we would like to offer to make a section for suppliers for your convenience where you will be able to find the information you are looking for. 



Business informational services – information is the power that allows you to increase your income and avoid losses. Information search is what we do best. We offer an information search of domestic and foreign markets: starting from simple market research to specific informational services for both domestic and foreign markets. We assess each of your requests separately, estimate expenses and determine the terms before we start working.

If specific information is needed, we will involve area professionals who will provide you with complete information from independent specialists.



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