Tenderhouse.com (hereinafter the Website) is the Website that represents purchase information and provides a catalog of enterprises.

   Registration Conditions

1. To register at our Website, please fill in the registration form.

2. A user name shall be linked to the user’s email address.

3. By registering, the user agrees with the conditions of this Website, and the successfully completed registration shall be considered a mutual remote agreement between SIA "TENDER HOUSE" and the customer.

4. Any false registration data shall be deleted.

5. A demo period shall be provided only to new customers after a check of customer’s data. The check shall take up to one day. In the event that any of the registration data do not match, the website administration has the right not to provide a demo period.

6. A new customer shall be a customer who was not registered at our website and/or did not use our services applying another user’s data.


  Advertisement of purchases

7. Any user has the right to advertise his purchase at the website by filling in the purchase application form.

8. User’s purchases submitted using inappropriate or false information shall not be approved.

9. All State procurements shall be checked using official registers or the advertiser’s home pages at least once a day.

10. The State procurements data shall match the data published by the advertiser or official register.

11. Changes in State procurements shall be published, if possible.

12. All questions and requests shall be forwarded to the contact details provided.

13. Regulations on purchases and other additional documents shall be attached at the moment of submission. Documents available after the moment of submission or provided to an applicant in person shall not be submitted.

14. The region of purchase shall be linked to the main legal address of the company; if an advertiser organizes purchase in another region that differs from its permanent location, information shall not be changed.

15. The volume of purchase shall be split only if the information is provided in the official notification, not in additional purchase documents.


   Approval of purchases

16. Approval of private purchases shall be provided within 24 hours of the moment of submission.

17. State procurements shall be approved immediately after submission.


   Export catalog


18. After subscription of a place in the catalog, the user may place his advertisement in this section.

19. The user shall be responsible for the information published.

20. All amendments to be made to the submitted information shall be made by the user himself.

21. All translations of catalog sections shall be provided by the user or ordered at the website administrator at extra charge.

22. The catalog information and information on special offers shall be represented in the languages submitted.


   Data safety

23. The user’s password shall be encoded and shall be available neither to the website administrator, nor to any third parties.

24. The user’s registered data shall not be used for any commercial purpose as well as shall not be provided to any third parties.

25. One user may use the services provided by the Website using just one IP address and user name simultaneously.

26. Any electronic payments shall be made using the SSL security system code.

27. Deletion of user’s data shall be made only by the website administration.

28. The website administrator shall not keep or manage any credit card data.

29. A backup copy of all information shall be made once a day.


Exemption clause


30. The Website administrator shall eliminate any technical problems within 24 hours of the moment of their occurrence.

31. The Website administrator shall not be responsible for any losses caused by unavailability of the service.

32. The Website administrator shall not be responsible for the accuracy of purchase information.

33. The user shall not take any actions against the website activities or of large-scale information supply.

34. Translation of documents shall be made at user’s expense, since the Website provides only an approximate translation that allows one to understand the essence of a purchase.   


Prices and the procedure for payment

35. To become a subscriber, the user shall follow the subscription instructions through his profile.

36. The service shall be available immediately after successful completion of online payment.

37. The service shall be available within 2 hours after the money is received at the current account of the SIA "TENDER HOUSE" when a prepayment invoice is used.

38. An electronic invoice shall be sent after successful completion of payment.

39. If the website is not used the payment shall not be refunded.

40. If the user’s profile is blocked in case of violation of Website conditions of use, the payment shall not be refunded.

41. If payment for a separate bid is made, the Website administrator shall not return the money transferred if the advertiser has already cancelled his Bid or decided not to take any actions.

42. The Website administrator has the right to change the price of services upon written notification sent to its users. In case of any changes in prices, the terms for existing subscribers shall not be recalculated.

43. After the end of the subscription the user’s profile shall be preserved, but the advertiser’s details shall not be available. This limitation shall be applied to the information that was available during the subscription period.

44. When subscribing to the purchase data base, the prices for state packages shall be provided within the framework of one purchase. 

   Other conditions

45. Any information can be republished upon written consent of the website administrator.

46. The website administration has the right to email news and important information to the user’s email address.

47. Users who forward obtained information without written consent of the administration shall be deleted from the database.  

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